5 Tips For Eating Paleo on the Go

Learn how to keep up with your Paleo lifestyle and your busy life all at once.

If you’re like the majority of the American population, you’re always out and about running errands, commuting to work, taking the kids to practice, getting groceries, etc. Such a hectic schedule lends itself to crappy eating, and crappy eating lends itself to sabotaging your new lifestyle completely.

I don’t want this to happen to you. It’s happened to me before, and it took me a few days to get back on track. Some people never get back on track. Therefore, I want to provide you with the tips and tricks I learned for keeping up with a Paleo lifestyle in the midst of a busy life.

1. Always, always, always keep Paleo friendly snacks in the car or in your purse (you may need a cooler). I recommend things like a bag of nuts or a bag of seeds, granola bars (Paleo-approved, not the sweet, half-chocolate kind), a bag of vegetables or a bag of fruit. You can take fresh fruit or even dried fruit.

2. If you don’t have anything on you at the time the hunger hits, you can visit a grocery store with a fresh foods section (Hello, Whole Foods), and

grab a healthy salad, a cup of fruit, a bag of trail mix, etc.

3. If you failed to bring any snacks with you and you cannot make it to a grocery store, you can visit a fast-food restaurant if you need to. If you must do this, order a salad with just veggies, protein and a healthy fat (if they have it). For example, you could order a side salad from Wendy’s and a grilled chicken sandwich without the bun or sauce. At Subway, you can order a salad with protein and aside of avocado (when it’s in season). You should also probably skip the dressing at fast-food restaurants unless you can get just fresh olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice. Hint: I use to carry small bottles of EVOO around in my pocket book and most places that serve tea will have fresh lemon wedges.

4. For sit-down restaurants, what you order will depend on what type of

restaurant you’re visiting. Here are some examples of meals:

  • Bar & Grille: a turkey burger without the bun or sauce and a side salad with boiled eggs and no pre-made dressing; a chicken sandwich without the bun or sauce with a baked sweet potato on the side (I find coconut oil is a great sub for butter on the potato); or, just a healthy salad loaded with veggies is great too (if they have avocado, that would be even better to add to your salad).

  • Breakfast joints: Eggs, eggs and more eggs with some veggies and

avocado would be a great option; a large fruit cup would be a nice


  • Chinese: Grilled veggies and seafood/veggie combos; sushi (if you don’t go crazy on the rice)

  • Mexican: Beef or chicken fajitas minus the wrap and loaded with veggies and a side of guacamole.

  • Italian: Stick with a bare salad with a protein on top.

  • Steakhouses: Fill up on the steak and veggies and a sweet potato; if you're feeling dessert, opt for a fruit cup.

  • Deli: Any type of salad with protein; a protein-filled lettuce wrap; other

wraps not made of grains (spinach or tomato, for example)

5. If you’re searching for snacks for your busy life, I recommend these brands:

*Epic Meat sticks, jerky and pork rinds. If you can't find in your local health food store, amazon and thrive market sell them online.

*Epic also has an Almond Butter Chocolate snack bar also sold on amazon and some Walmarts.

*Larabars- most all health food stores and Walmart.

*RXBAR- be careful if you have peanuts or cashew allergies (read the labels) - - most all health food stores and amazon.

*Paleo snack mix- Thrive Market

*Sietes Chips- they have sea salt, nacho, and Lime (my fav) most health food stores.

Finally, I just want to mention–it’s so important not to over-complicate this lifestyle. If you do this, you will stress yourself out and not enjoy the process of becoming healthier. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to eat Paleo-approved, so do your best with it and remember–every little step in the right direction, no matter how small, is still a step towards optimal health and your best self.

Have questions or need advice?

Contact me at: moderncavegirleats@gmail.com

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