How to Live a Grain-Free Life

5 Tricks That Will Help You Kick Grains to the Curb

Grains, the food group that plays a big role in the eating habits of

millions of kids around the world.

Oatmeal, YUM! Crackers, YUM! Mashed potatoes, YUM! Toast, YUM!

Cereal, YUM!

Sure, most moms always tell us that we need to eat our veggies too,

but most moms also always serve some sort of grain for or with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well so grains have to be just as important as meats, fruits and veggies, right?


But grains make up a hefty spot on the food pyramid so they must

be healthy! Wrong! Just because the government says it's healthy, doesn’t mean it is. I can name you 14 foods off the top of my head that are banned in other countries but are served here.