Paleo Pizza Dough, Biscuits and more

One thing I miss most about being Paleo is things like biscuits, pizza and breadsticks. Sure, I could use the gluten free kind but those products sometimes can contain some nasty ingredients like added sugar to make them taste better. Since refined sugar is not a part of the Paleo protocol then I just wanted to find a healthier alternative so I could stay on track as much as possible.

I have been using Simple Mills products for a while. Their crackers and cake mixes are Paleo friendly, using only a handful of ingredients and have no fillers or additives. So I decided to play with their artisan bread mix to see if something could be created that would work for not only myself but for my clients who enjoy the occasional classics.

Man, did I hit the jack pot on this one. First, I made biscuits and it work great for biscuits and gravy and stayed fresh and moist for the next morning to be served along side our breakfast of eggs and bacon. We topped ours with a homemade jam and it held it beautifully.

Here is what I did:

To make the biscuits: