This egg salad stuffed avocado is easy and simple to make. Whether you are on a certain diet or just looking for something a little different.

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat (healthy fat) and have 0 cholesterol.

Did you know this savory heart healthy food is actually a fruit. A single seeded berry to be exact.

Eggs are packed with protein and if you getting pasture raised, free range eggs they are rich in healthy Omega 3's.

Egg Salad

You will need:

4 hard boiled eggs

2 avocados

1 Tablespoon Primal Kitchen Mayo

1/2 teaspoon yellow mustard

Pink salt and pepper to taste


Place eggs in cold water in a quart sauce pot, add enough water to cover eggs. Place on medium high heat until water boils. Reduce heat to medium and boil about 7 mins. Turn off heat and let sit in hot water 5 additional mins. Drain hot water, replace with cold water and let sit for 10 mins. Drain cold water, take eggs out of pot, gently tap shell enough to peel. Peel eggs, rinse any remaining shell off and pat dry. Grate eggs into a medium bowl, add mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. If eggs are to dry for your liking just add a little more until you get the consistency you want. Cut each avocado in half, remove pit. Sprinkle avocado with pink salt then place a heaping Tablespoon of egg salad in the middle. 2-4 servings.

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