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30 Day

Reset With Real Food

30 Day Reset


Detoxing naturally with real food is a gentle way to rid the body of toxins. Toxins can cause us to gain weight, feel sluggish all day and not sleep well.

The 30 Day Reset Program is designed to help you eliminate sugar, carbs and processed foods from your diet so that you can lose weight, have more energy throughout the day and have a restful night's sleep so that you can tackle everyday life. 

10 reasons Why You Should Detox?
  1. Clear out excessive waste from the digestive tract

  2. Improve gut health

  3. Absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently for optimal health

  4. Lose weight

  5. Increase energy

  6. Improve skin and hair

  7. Sleep better

  8. Clearer thinking

  9. Restores your bodies natural  balance

  10. Cleans out the liver which detoxes the blood

How It works

This is a 4 week program in a group setting on Facebook. Here we will support each other, post our meals, ask questions, offer up advice, hold each other accountable and share our struggles and celebrate our victories. 

I will be doing a giveaway towards the end of the program and you will become a lifelong member to the Peace, Love and Bacon Tribe. (Exclusive to members only)



Pick your date and sign up. 2 weeks before the program starts, I will send you all the information for you to get started. Once purchased and 1 week prior, I will add you to the Facebook group where we can begin to introduce our selves and I'll send your first weeks meal plan and a list of food swaps. Then, Let's Have Fun!

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